Handmade Bar Soap

Fun Rubber Ducky Soap $5 each

Unicorns, Rubber Ducks and other fun Soaps! Designs will vary. 

Regular Bars of hand Soap $5 each

So many fun and different bars of handmade soap!!  Scents and designs will vary upon availability!  (The one pictured is Watermelon)

Donut Shaped Soap $5 each

Looks like a donut, SMELLS like a donut....but it's soap!!

Loofah Soap $6 each

Nice handmade soap with a loofah inside!! Exfoliate while you wash!

Dinosaur Soap $5 each

Fun Dino soap!  Smells great!

*Scents and colors may vary*

Mini Bars of Soap $2.00 each or 3/$5.00

Fun Mini Sized Bars of Soap!!

Always changing scents and colors!  Will Vary upon availability!

Men's Soap $5.00 each

Black Tie Scented "Skull" Soap!  

Coffee Soap $5.00 each

Colored and scented using freshly ground coffee!! Smells great!

Slices of Soap $5 each

Fun Slices of Soap!  $5 each.

Colors and Scents will vary (The one pictured is "Fairy Dust")

Toy Soap $5 each

Fun Glow in the dark Alien Soap $5 each

Monkey farts scented alien soap!  Soap with a fun glow in the dark alien toy inside!!

Shopkins Soap $5 each

Fun hidden Shopkins surprise Soap! Each soap has a Shopkins toy hidden inside!!

*Scents and color may vary*

Toy Soap $5 each

Soap with a toy!! Some have critters, some have animals, some have fun food toys inside!