Specialty Bath Bombs $5 each


Charm Bombs

Fun Bath Bombs with a cute charm inside!! Charms will vary, picture is just a small sample of some of the charms!

Mini sized $4 each

Regular Sized $6 each


Toy Surprise Bath Bombs

Shopkins Surpise $5 each

Dinosaur Surprise $5 each

Kids Jewelry Surprise $5 each

Magic Growing Suprise $5 each

These bath bombs each have a fun toy inside! 

**Choking hazard, not recommended for smaller child**


Bubble Bombs

Fun bath bombs that also create bubble bath!!!


POPPING Bath Bombs $5 each

That's right, you read it correctly....these FUN bath bombs, fizz but they also create a really unique popping and crackling sound!  Super fun and great to relax!


SLIME Bath Bombs $5 each

Fun and exciting SLIME bath bombs! Adds just the right amount of slimy goodness to your tub! Great for kids or kids at heart!